About me

My name is Deborah Hewitt, and I will look after you throughout your medical journey. I am passionate about healthy living, great nutrition and a positive mindset, which Cape Town allows me to experience to the full.   I can’t wait to share your medical journey with you by providing the compassion, companionship, and practical care you need during your recovery time spent with me.


I believe healing and a good outcome from a medical procedure come from many facets – excellent nutrition, relaxed mental state, and of course skilled surgery all contribute to the eventual result.

Asari House of Healing
As I only look after one patient at a time, I can adapt your trip and activities to how you feel each day. South African patients are also welcome. If you are travelling with friends or family, I am happy to prepare an itinerary to keep them busy whilst you recover!

How I work

Asari House of Healing

I work with top medical professionals in Cape Town, leaders in their field and professionals who are passionate about their specialty. I do not offer package deals, nor do I negotiate special deals with the doctors I suggest as I feel that health is priceless and not to be bargained with. I am not financially affiliated to any Medical Providers and the Medical Providers I will connect you with are on my suggestion only – the final choice is yours based on your communication with them, their cost, surgery technique and your estimated recovery time. I like to think of myself as the rainbow between the doctor and patient and my job foremost is to ensure that you, the patient, are well taken care of before and after surgery.

We will begin with a video call on Zoom or Skype so that we can get to know each other and I can get an idea of your medical requirements. If we are comfortable working together, I will then suggest two Medical Providers who specialize in your requested procedure. It is then up to you to connect with them via video call at your own expense – I will re-imburse the cost of your initial consultation with your Medical Provider of choice should you use my services. I will assist in setting up your initial consult so you can discuss your procedure and expectations before you make a final decision. The Medical Providers will require your medical history and may need photos (in the case of cosmetic surgery) or x-rays and MRI or CT imaging, or may require certain blood tests and/or doctor reports from your home country before they can proceed with your surgery. It is important that you establish a connection with your chosen Medical Provider and that you feel comfortable with them before going ahead with your trip. Once decided, I will take over and coordinate your appointments, surgery and follow-up appointments. If you have already decided on or had a Medical Provider recommended to you, I am happy to work with them as long as they are not too far from Bloubergstrand as it is not practical to travel far for the surgery and follow-ups.